Centre for Theology & Community

Based in the east end of London, CTC equips churches to engage with their communities.  We work with congregations in deprived and diverse neighbourhoods – helping them to bear witness to the Gospel by care for their neighbours, action for justice and sharing their faith. CTC runs a range of local projects, including research, and enables reflection through events, publications and other online resources.

CTC also administers the Greater London Presence & Engagement Network (PEN) which covers all of the Greater London Boroughs. PEN is sponsored by the Dioceses of Chelmsford, London, Rochester, St Albans and Southwark to serve parishes and chaplaincies across the wider capital, enabling them to identify and share the resources which will best support Christians in their ministry and mission in multi faith contexts. We believe the experiences of local churches are among the best resources, and are an important gift to the wider Church.

The Centre for Theology & Community,
East Crypt, St George-in-the-East, 14 Cannon Street Road,
E1 0BH

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