A Christmas Gift from P&E

Author: Kat Brealey

Date: 14 December 2015

Rev Dr Tom Wilson, Director of the St Philip's Centre in Leicester, has recently published a book on Christian Muslim relations. As a Christmas gift from all of us at P&E, we're delighted to offer you the first chapter as a free download. 

By way of introduction, Tom writes; 

“We sometimes say that Muslims and Christians are part of Abraham’s family, but recent events make it very clear that the Abrahamic family of faith struggles to live harmoniously. You often cannot choose whether you’re in the same family as someone, but you can choose whether you’ll be friends. What kind of friendships can exist between Christians and Muslims? When it comes to medical ethics, the economy, the environment, media, the arts, the place of women in society, political engagement, do Christians and Muslims have any views in common? In What Kind of Friendship I have used the writings of Muslim reformer Tariq Ramadan to ask questions about what kind of friendship Christians and Muslims might have. While we disagree as to who Jesus is or how we can be saved, can we agree in our concern for a fairer, more just society? Can we work together for the common good as friends who disagree but remain respectful?

In the opening chapter I clear the ground for book as a whole. I explain that I am engaged in a genuine comparison, not seeking to score points or engage with the weakest arguments in order to prove why I’m right. I discuss issues such as the early spread of Islam, understandings of jihad and sharia, as well as the importance of recognising the dynamics of honour and shame. If you’re interested in reading more, then chapter one is available to download for free.

Endorsements of the book include:
Wilson engages thoroughly and with genuine insight into the appropriate Christian responses to Tariq Ramadan’s call for reform within Islam. He demonstrates a mature wisdom in tackling the issues of how we as Christians relate to our Muslim friends … This book enables the reader to have a good grounding in Muslim-Christian relations. It is a very well-written, honest, and vibrant contribution to better understanding Muslim-Christian perspectives. I highly recommend this book.
(Adrian Brixey, ECM International, Coordinator for Muslim and Migrant Ministry)”

The following chapter is used with permission of Wipf and Stock publishers; to purchase the book in its entirety please go to http://wipfandstock.com/what-kind-of-friendship.html

To download a copy of the chapter, go the Resources section of the website by following this link - http://presenceandengagement.org.uk/what-kind-friendship



What kind of friendship book cover