THE AMPNEYS is in the Gloucester Diocese.
1.40% of the population of THE AMPNEYS consists of faiths other than Christianity.

The population is 219.

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In the chart above you can see the breakdown of the population faith groups in your parish. If you are a ‘Presence and Engagement’ parish then this means that 10% or more of your population are from a faith group other than Christianity.

Our aim is to support Christians engaging with other faiths either locally or virtually through the media, and to provide resources for parishes reflecting theologically on what it means to be a Christian amidst increasing religious diversity.

Traditionally, the Church of England has taken responsibility for the care of all souls in each parish; what does this mean in a multi-religious world?

Diocesan Inter-faith Advisors

This parish is in the Gloucester Diocese

Revd Simon Howell
Diocesan Interfaith Adviser

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