The Reuilly Common Statement: Building Christian Confidence in Leicester

Author: Revd Canon John Hall

Date: 02 June 2014

The Reuilly Common Statement is committed to working towards a closer relationship between Anglican churches in Britain and Ireland, and four Protestant (Lutheran and Reformed) churches in France. The Reuilly Contact Group’s ninth meeting was held in Leicester last month, facilitated by the St Philip’s Centre (one of the four P&E centres in England). The few days they spent with us was built around the theme of ‘Building Christian Confidence’, creating space for both ecumenical and inter religious dialogue.  As well as conducting their own meetings, we introduced them to the multi faith and diverse context of Leicester, as an example of different faiths and cultures working together and living side by side in Britain.  We arranged for them to visit different places of worship including a Gurdwara (where they were invited to a langar meal), a Mandir (to observe Hindu arati), the Cathedral (for Evensong and a talk from the Dean) and a Mosque (to observe prayers) and also had opportunities for various discussions with those whom they met, some formal, some informal.